Built-In Grills

built in deck grill

Backyard barbeques are a staple of the summer season, allowing you to grill your favorite foods while spending quality time with your friends and family. What if you could create a personalized grilling atmosphere that perfectly complements the rest of your landscape? With our help, you can! At Tone Setter Outdoor Services, we are ready to design and install a built-in grill of your very own.

The Benefits of a Built-In Grill

Built-in grills are the perfect feature to give your landscape the high-quality, customized look it deserves. There are several benefits to having a built-in grill installed on your property:

  • Functional Environment: The options are endless when it comes to creating an outdoor entertaining space. We have the tools to create a fully functional outdoor kitchen around your built-in grill, making your backyard the ultimate gathering spot for your friends and family.

  • Structurally Sound: We use high-quality, durable materials when we create our landscaping features, resulting in a long-lasting structure that you will enjoy for years to come.

  • Eliminates the Propane Tank: When our landscaping team installs built-in grills, we carefully run a gas line to your grill, eliminating the hassle and safety concerns involved with refilling your propane tank.

  • Customized Look: Not only are there functional benefits to built-in grills, but they also create a beautiful customized look in your backyard as we carefully match the materials on your patio or retaining wall.

Outdoor Kitchens

Not only do we install beautifully-constructed built-in grills, but we also have the expertise and capability to design and build custom outdoor kitchens. Whether you are looking for a small enclosure or a full kitchen and bar area complete with a refrigerator and cooktop, we will work closely with you to design a functional and visually-appealing outdoor space that you will never want to leave.

Leave your built-in grills to the experts at Tone Setter Outdoor Services. Contact our team today for more information or schedule your free quote!

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